Reducing Urban Nutrients and Pollution in Moreton Bay

Workshop Series 1


Brisbane Catchments Network (BCN) had its first workshop on Reducing Urban Nutrient Pollution in Moreton Bay held at the Griffith University EcoCentre, on Thursday 11 February 2016. This workshop brought together different communities of academics and stakeholders to discuss issues related to reducing urban nutrient pollution in Moreton Bay. The one-day forum had 35 attendees across research institutions, industry, government and community representatives: 




Academic and Research Institutions

Griffith University

Healthy Waterways

SEQ Catchments


Queensland Urban Utilities

Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd

Brisbane Airports Corporation


Brisbane City Council 

Department of Environment and Heritage Protection


Bayside Creeks Catchment Group

Bulimba Creek Catchment Coordinating Committee

Cubberla-Witton Catchments

Norman Creek Catchment Coordinating Committee

Northern Catchments Network

Oxley Creek Catchment Association

Save Our Waterways Now

Wolston and Centenary Catchments

The forum was funded by a Brisbane Airport Corporation Community Grant.  Speakers covered topics on urban nutrient pollution ranging from Urban Water Pollution - A Water Utility Perspective to Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) and current innovations.  The forum was made up of three sessions which are summarised below.  The first session involved presentations used to stimulate discussions for the second and third sessions.

Session 1:

Six presenters provided the current research, activities or programmes relating to reducing urban nutrient pollution to Moreton Bay.  Presenters were as follows:


Urban Water Pollution - A Water Utility Perspective - Queensland Urban Utilities (pdf)

WSUD and Current Innovations - Tony Weber (pdf)

Reducing urban nutrient pollution into Moreton Bay - a science perspective - Australian Rivers Institute (pdf)

Trends in Brisbane River and Moreton Bay - Healthy Waterways (pdf)

A Community View - Bayside Creeks Catchment Group (pdf)

Investing in our Future - South-east Queensland Healthy Catchments Program - DEHP (pdf)


These presentations identified the issues that would be discussed in Sessions 2 and 3.


Sessions 2 and 3:


Notes from Session 2 and 3.


Next Steps:


Action Plan arising out of the Workshop.